Scientific Committee

The IFRTT Scientific Committee is chaired by Dr John de Pont, TERNZ, New Zealand.

Members of the committee include:

  • Ms Loes Aarts, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Netherlands
  • Mr Les Bruzsa, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Australia
  • Professor David Cebon, Cambridge University Engineering Department, UK
  • Professor Andrew Collop, De Montfort University, United Kingdom
  • Mr Bruce Currie, New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand
  • Dr Erik Dahlberg, Scania, Sweden
  • Mr Rob Di Cristoforo, Advantia, Australia
  • Dr Alejandra Efron, BrAle Consulting, Argentina
  • Mr Matt Elischer, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Australia
  • Ms Alexia Fenollar Solvay, RWTH, Aachen University
  • Mr Johan Granlund, WSP, Sweden
  • Mr Mats Harborn, Scania, China
  • M. Bernard Jacob, IFSTTAR, France
  • Mr Mårten Johansson, Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies, Sweden
  • Mr Dom Kalasih,  Z Energy, New Zealand
  • M. Jacques Marmy, Technical Affairs, IRU, Switzerland
  • Dr Paul Nordengen, CSIR, South Africa
  • Mr Seamus Parker, FPInnovations, Canada
  • Professor Joop Pauwelussen, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Mr Bob Pearson, PTRC, Australia
  • Mr Christophe Penant, Michelin, France
  • Dr Hans Prem, MSD, Australia
  • Mr Adam Ritzinger, Advantia, Australia
  • Mr David Rolland, GHD, Australia
  • Dr Peter Sweatman, CAVita, USA
  • Mr John Woodrooffe, UMTRI, USA

This group will be responsible for evaluating technical papers submitted for HVT14. To find out more on this process download the call for papers